Basic troubleshooting steps for issues introduced by an app or customizations


One common challenge most merchants experience is dealing with app-related issues. Apps can provide valuable advanced features, but they can also introduce issues that may disrupt the normal operation of your theme. In this article, we'll explore some steps you can follow to help isolate an issue and determine if what you are experiencing is an app-related issue or an issue that has been introduced through a customization.

1. Try to isolate the issue

The first step in isolating the issue is to attempt to reproduce it in an unmodified theme. An easy approach you can use is to upload a fresh copy of the theme to your store and copying your theme settings over from the live theme - you can follow the theme upgrade process. If you can reproduce the issue in a clean, unmodified theme, then you'll want to reach out to our team so we can get you fixed up. If everything is working as intended, this helps identify that something has been introduced into your theme code that is causing an issue.

2. Identifying which app may be causing this issue

We recommend removing any recently installed apps or rolling back any recent custom code changes to determine which one is causing the issue. Alternatively, you can use the newly uploaded theme, and double-check as you add your apps back in to identify which one is causing the issue.

Tip: Before making any significant changes during troubleshooting, create a backup of your theme. This will allow you to restore your theme to its original state if troubleshooting inadvertently causes more issues.

Once you identify which app or customization is introducing the issue, we highly recommend reaching out to the app developer's support team or to the developer, expert or agency that worked on any customizations. They are the subject matter experts on their code and they can assist you with debugging any issues related to the app or custom code add into your shop.

  • Theme compatibility

    You'll want to verify with the app developer that their app is compatible with your Archetype theme. It is incumbent on app developers to ensure that their apps are compatible with both the Shopify Platform and with themes.

3. Experts

If the issue is being introduced by custom code that you can't identify, we recommend reaching out to one of our customization partners to help you troubleshoot. They specialize in this type of work plus having worked closely with us they are already familiar with your Archetype theme.