Updating your theme with Theme Updater Plus


Archetype Themes has partnered with Out of the Sandbox to include support for all of our themes when using their Theme Updater Plus app. For shops with minor customizations, the Theme Updater app can help automate some of the manual steps required in a theme update -- a big time saver! In many cases, the app can also carry over simple changes that have been made directly to the theme code.

The app will transfer over all shop settings that have been configured through the Theme Editor. It will also attempt to transfer over any customizations that have been made directly to the code, however, if you or your developer have made extensive or complex customizations to the theme files themselves, then these will still need to be manually transferred to the updated theme.

Merchants who have purchased any Archetype Theme will automatically receive a 14-day free trial of the Theme Updater app. This is a full-featured 'Pro Plan' good for 14 days that allows you to preserve most settings and customizations when updating along with identifying code conflicts. Install the app. Register your Archetype theme and you're set!

What is the difference between Free and Pro plans?

The Free plan offers basic update features, such as theme registration, new version notifications, and access to the latest version in its default state.

The Pro plan offers premium features for transferring your current content, customizations, and configurations to the latest theme version.

You WILL NOT see an update button using the Free plan. You will need to purchase the Pro plan in order for the update option to be made available.

For more info on the Theme Updater Plus app, visit the Out of the Sandbox support page here.