Using the Announcement bar section


An Announcement bar is a great way to communicate important information to your visitors. The Announcement bar section that is included in your theme has been designed to effectively communicate while at the same time not disrupting the user experience. Consider these best practices when setting it up for your shop.

Best Practices

  • Clarity and Conciseness - Keep your message clear, concise, and to the point. Use simple language that is easy to understand.

  • Visibility - Ensure the announcement bar is easily visible but not intrusive. It should be noticeable without obstructing the main content of the page. The theme editor allows you to drag-and-drop this section anywhere on your homepage, so you're not limited to including it in the top header portion only.

  • Design and Branding - Match the color scheme and style of the announcement bar to your website's design for a cohesive look. Using high visibility colors that don't match the design of your site can be distTest different messages and designs to see which one performs best in terms of user engagement and click-through rates.racting. DO use contrasting colors for the text and background to make the message stand out.

  • Responsive Design - The Announcement bar section has been designed to responsively adjust to ook good on all device types (desktop, tablet, mobile). Make sure that your messaging isn't so lengthy that it looks wonky on mobile.

  • Customization - The Announcement bar section allows you to easily change the message, link, or appearance of the announcement bar as needed. Heading, text and link options are available in each Announcement block you set up.

  • Call to action - If applicable, include a clear and compelling call-to-action button or link that directs users to the desired action (e.g., Shop Now or Learn More).

  • A/B testing - Test different messages to see which ones perform best in terms of user engagement and click-through rates.