How do I set up a product size chart?


1. Setup your size chart block

  • Open the theme editor and navigate to a product page that you would like to have a size chart.

  • - In the theme editor settings side panel, select the main Product Section, select + Add block, and select Size Chart

  • Configure the contents of your Size Chart with the included page selection setting.

  • Reposition the block to the desired order position within the Product Section. If the Size Chart block is placed immediately above the Variant Picker block, the size chart trigger will be inlined next to the Size option selection

2. Customize your Size option trigger

  • By default, the Size chart will inline itself with the Size option group

  • If you place the Size chart above the Variant picker and the two blocks don't combine, it might be because your size option has a different label than Size

  • Customize the Size trigger by selecting Edit Languages inside the '...' dropdown menu in the top right corner

  • In the language editor, search for 'size' and set the Size trigger field to a value that matches your sizes option label

3. Add multiple size charts for different product types

  • Alternate templates allow you to set different size charts for different types of products

  • Create new alternate product templates by selecting Products in the template select dropdown at the top of the theme editor

  • Select a product template you wish to edit or + Create template if you wish to create a new template for another product type

  • Configure each of your product templates with different size chart pages

  • Return to the main Shopify Admin, select Products, select a product, and set the desired Theme template value from the dropdown