Gem Release Notes


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v2.1.2 - July 4, 2024

Bug fixes

  • Add x-release-please-version for version bump

  • Install components v2.10.64

v2.1.1 - June 21st, 2024

Fixes and other improvements

  • Missing 'X' icon in footer section

  • Modal opening fix on password page

  • Price display on collection page

  • Properly render blank theme editor values on section

v2.1.0 - June 13, 2024



  • Full rebuild of main product section! Now faster, more modular, and extendable than ever!

  • Dropped manual approach for building structured data. Instead, we use the new structured_data filter.

  • Replaced Twitter icon with X icon

Fixes and other improvements

  • Newsletter reminder will no longer flash in the header on initial load

  • Improved the size of theme modals on mobile viewports

  • Media with Text video now plays consistently

  • Main menu can now be displayed in mobile footer when setting is enabled

  • Fixed issue with slideshow not reloading after changing section settings

  • Improved spacing around 'view all' links on mobile

  • Improved spacing below Cart note

  • Fixed issue with collection image not showing for selected collections on list collections template

  • Fixed issue with hero video loading incorrectly

  • Fixed issue with Gift card recipient form not working inside of Quickshop

  • Fixed issue with Complementary products not working correctly in Quickshop

  • Swatches no longer maintain active state when hovering has ended

  • Fixed issue with Video hero section text shadows showing even when text is removed

  • Fixed issue with 'Show cents as superscript' setting not applying to collection pages, recently viewed sections, and 'more from vendor' sections

  • Collection and search pages now correctly display stock availability filters

  • Optimize performance for country flags in currency dropdown

v2.0.1 - April 2, 2024


  • Removed references to Shopify Product Reviews app settings

Fixes and other improvements

  • Fixes issue where hamburger menu isn't clickable when Menu layout is set to 'Logo center, menu below'

  • Fixes issue with mobile checkout buttons not working due to an overlay

  • Improves cropping of product gallery images

  • Predictive search and cart item now correctly hide elements meant to be visually hidden

  • Fixes issue where size chart icon did not appear next to variant option name

  • Fixes various missing translations

  • Improves sizing of logo list images

  • Improves sizing of quick shop modal

  • Fixes opacity issues with color scheme patterns

  • Fixes issue with rich text editor formatting not being applied to announcement bar content

  • Fixes issue where thick and thin product tile style were not showing on product grids

  • Fixes issue with text and button alignment in Text Columns with Images section

  • Fixes issue with heading style not applying to navigation links

  • Fixes issue with variant labels not updating when clicking through variant options

  • Fixes issue with collection filter for availability not showing correctly

v2.0.0 - February 21, 2024

Gem v2 comes with big performance wins, bug fixes, and a lot of other goodies under the hood! We’ve prioritized performance in this update and have made significant progress in reducing page load time. Behind the scenes, we’ve restructured the underlying architecture with Liquid Theme Components, bringing a number of developer experience improvements, better conventions and more modular code, as well as easier theme updates going forward.


  • New theme architecture built on Liquid Theme Components

  • Fine-grained control over how JS loads for the interactive components via Islands architecture. Load JS as it’s needed, load the rest when the page becomes idle.

  • Support for JavaScript Import Maps

  • New overrides stylesheet for customizing the default styles of components

  • Adds support for send on field on gift card recipient form


  • Refactored code into Theme Components found inside the snippets folder

  • Refactored JS from single bundles like theme.js and vendor.js into individual ES Modules

  • Refactored to use Custom Elements better JS structure, section lifecycle handling, and JS event management

  • Refactored Quick Shop and Quick Add components for better loading and functionality

  • Changed years offered in countdown timer settings

  • Updated translation files to match new structure found in


  • Global theme setting for animating page transitions have been removed

  • Lazyload images section setting removed from slideshow sections

  • Removed a combined 100 lines of repeated swatch logic from recommended products and hotspots sections

  • Removed force image size setting from footer promotions

  • Sunset references to Shopify Product Reviews app in accordance to end-of-support announcement

Fixes and other improvements

  • Various improvements made to improve page load time

  • Image zoom works for right aligned product galleries

  • Escape key closes Search when Predictive search is disabled

  • Centered logo is correctly positioned on mobile header

  • Color scheme textures are working correctly

  • Fixed missing translation error for recipient form

  • Product thumbnails are visible when set to ‘Below media’

  • Fixed issue with opacity for theme modals’ background-colour

  • Heading shows correctly for Text columns with icons section

  • Fixed issues with inventory status not showing correctly for variants and incorporated merchant feedback to improve the overall logic

  • Letter spacing typo in typography settings

  • Fixed padding issue in predictive search results

  • Fixed duplicate buttons on product page

  • Cart recommendations products within cart drawer are now showing quick add and quick view buttons

  • Fixed some shopify theme check linting warnings

  • Fixed issue where specific product tile styles were causing a horizontal scrollbar to appear. Uncovered a larger issue with our styles and variables.

  • Fixed issue with price range filter initializing too many times on collection page

  • Fixed issue for CSS variables and negative margins on product grid item

  • Fixed issue for image variant bug

  • Fixed issue for Testimonials section where images would sometimes not show and their alignment was incorrect when text was set to right aligned

  • Fixed issue for excess quantity when set to cart page type

  • Fixed issue with promo grid images not showing

  • Fixed issue with default state of countdown timer

  • Fixed issue with predictive search pricing and vendor

  • Fixed how triggers for size chart and quick shop are initialized

  • Sets min-width for variant dropdowns